Alex Becker – The Dallas SEO Star

Alex Becker is a tech entrepreneur who is known for founding a number of SEO Software Companies. Famous for his ground breaking ideas surrounding SEO, he has since accumulated a large following in the marketing automation space.

His latest product is the Workhorse plugin. You can checkout the review of this plugin by clicking on the link.

Early Life

A Texas native, Alex Becker was born and brought up in Dallas, Texas, USA. He has been a gifted programmer since his early years, and started Alex Becker creator of source wave seomaking websites as a way to earn a living.


In the beginning of his career Alex came to know of SEO when the industry was still in infancy. He self-taught himself about SEO and began projects regarding ranking website doing SEO. For some time, this was his only way to earn bread and butter.

In January 2011, he created his most successful business venture yet, Source Wave in Fort Worth Area, Dallas. Source Wave is an SEO Blog and online marketing agency. Since starting out, it has turned up multimillion dollars profit for him, and has received a lot of attention from the media. His biggest product launch generated nearly a million US dollars in just 7 days.

With a slogan of “Upholding Simplicity and Enabling Happiness”, Source Wave aims to teach easy to do SEO strategy for anyone willing to take that road.

In July 2011, he founded another company, Surge Wolf in College Station, Texas. It is an online marketing platform that specialized in SEO consulting for companies all over the US through cutting edge online marketing tools. Alex remained the CEO of Surge Wolf for 9 months, until March 2012.

Accolades, and Impact on Media and Public

In his years of working, Alex Becker has garnered a lot of attention in the media for his ground breaking SEO techniques and business acumen. He is considered one of the best SEO and online marketing gurus and has amassed a huge fan base through the social media platforms.

Among all social media channels, Facebook is the largest source of traffic advertising for Alex. Source Wave has won the WSO of the day awards a total of 4 times.

His YouTube channel under his name has 19,725 followers, which is growing every day.

He has also created the fastest growing SEO buying and selling service called Source Market. This has now been changed to KonKer and has a lot of updates.

Video Styles

Alex regularly creates and uploads original training contents in both blog and video formats in YouTube and his websites including what he calls SourceTV. His humorous style makes him accessible to the viewers and is a reason among others behind his popularity.

2015 — Now

Alex’s latest entrepreneurial venture is called Market Hero LLC. It was established in May 2015 at Fort Worth Area, Dallas.

Market Hero is a specialized marketing optimization software company, which aims to help small businesses connect to their customers and analyze the results of their efforts in order to drastically increase their ROI ranking.

Alex has garnered a large following of SEO aspirants. A self-described SEO enthusiast, he is willing to share his knowledge and experience amongst his subscribers. He attributes the lack of SEO learning materials in his days as a motivation to produce training materials for wannabe SEO professionals. No wonder he is the next big thing from Dallas.