Trying to Outrank Gregory Ortiz – Fuhgedaboudit

So, who is Gregory Ortiz, how does he make 100K a month and, more importantly how do you do the same? Trying take a leap of faith, like he did.


Ortiz started out as store operations manager for Swedish clothing brand and retailer H&M. And, as he put it in one interview- “he was just sick and tired of working at his day job”. Despite the fact that Ortiz has only been in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for just over a year – he has somehow managed to make a thriving and successful business out of it. For those still in the dark on Search Engine Optimization – this tool or skill basically helps your business appear on the first page of a Google search. Gregory Ortiz SEO Expert

And, like any average Joe working the usual 60 hour week, Ortiz just wanted to spend more time with his wife and young son. He drew inspiration from an online post on popular site Reddit, and saw the success story of someone who started their own cleaning company- and decided to change his life.

With background knowledge on how to build websites, he built his own website for a cleaning business. But, it wasn’t an overnight success, he just couldn’t understand why his website wasn’t receiving the high profile traffic it deserved. With some research he realized it wasn’t on the first page of Google.

The Alex Becker Webinar

Call it luck or coincidence, but tech entrepreneur and multimillionaire Alex Becker was a holding a web seminar the very next day on SEO. This left Ortiz in quite a conundrum. With no real money to pay for the course, he decided to charge to his credit card. He knew this might upset his wife. “I just had to make it work. My wife was going to kill me because I used my credit card to pay for the web-seminar” but I haven’t looked back since. The seminar changed his life and he stopped paying attention to his cleaning business and started running his SEO consultancy.

His first SEO company

His company Only Source Consulting offers a range of services including website design, graphic design, site migration, SEO and Site Maintenance. Only Source’s portfolio includes EastCoast Maids, and Styling Insights, among others.

One of the most important things for Ortiz about the business of SEO is compassion and empathy. He understands the concept of helping someone to grow a start-up business. “A business might help a family to put food on the table, and I understand this because I have a family too.”

With an educational background in culinary arts from the Art Institute of New York City the trailblazing CEO landed his first client, again through sheer guts. Using his cleaning business as a guinea pig for his SEO lessons he simply reached out to another cleaning company to ask if they would like to be ranked on Google’s first page. They said yes, and the rest, as they say is history.

Currently, Only Source Consultancy is turning over six figures per annum. Looking back on his journey into SEO and paying for that web-seminar, petrified of what his wife might say credit card bill he says, he and the missus have a good laugh about it now.