Stephen Floyd – The Bullet Proof American Hero

Popularly referred to as Stephen “SEO” Floyd, Stephen is a genius when it comes to search engine optimization. At least, if you have been in the internet marketing arena for quite a while, you can admit that search engine optimization is not child’s play. However, Stephen has always consistently beat google by ranking his sites as easily as he wishes.

Stephen has one of the best local SEO courses available called ‘Bullet Proof Local’. This course continues to provide amazing results and is one of the few courses which you can use for years to come. You can check out his course here.


Being in the SEO business for over 10 years with various levels of success, Stephen is the best person to learn local SEO from. No wonder his course “Bullet Proof SEO” is one of the highly recommended SEO courses that is available in the market till date. The interesting part of his course is the updates. Stephen simply ensures that his customers are up to date with latest SEO techniques, just as google is constantly updating its algorithm. Stephen SEO Floyd

One of his vantage point is his commitment to keeping up with Google’s updates. This has made him become even more sort after, because while other people are complaining of being affected by a Google update, he keeps smiling to the bank because he always stays up to date and always keeps SEO fresh. He is one man who understands how google works so well, so much so that he does not need to break a leg to rank any site, no matter the keyword competitiveness that site is trying to rank for.


Not only has Stephen been successful with SEO, he has also taught several other people how to make a living doing SEO business. This he has achieved through his course and other coaching programs provided by authority SEO figures. One of those is the Source University course presented by SEO guru Alex Becker and Gregory Ortiz. Stephen was among the facilitators in that awesome course where he taught in depth about local SEO and how to get high paying offline SEO clients. The Source University course was a big bang as it had several experts in SEO teach various aspects of SEO (of which Stephen was among the facilitators).

Not only did he feature in Source University, he is also one of the coaches in the popular and most sought after SEO coaching program online presented by Mike Long, known as One Man Gang (OMG for short). The One Man Gang course is a no nonsense SEO program that covers all aspects of SEO, from affiliate SEO to client SEO and because of Stephen’s prolific insight in SEO, he easily and quickly became a coach at OMG.

As we all know, SEO is hard but with Stephen “SEO” Floyd, SEO has never been this easy. Apart from just being an SEO expert, he has helped several businesses rake in huge amounts in profits by ranking their sites.

Stephen Floyd is also a motivational speaker, digital marketing expert and a lead generation expert. Most of his friends are those in the SEO and digital marketing niche and they respect him when it comes to SEO.