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The best affiliate marketing course online is Charles Floates ‘Building An Affiliate SEO Business’. Click here to find out how he makes $30,000+ per month through passive income every month.

Charles is know online as ‘The God of SEO’. What makes his course different to any other course online is his ability to turn a ‘black hat’ site into ‘white hat’ and flip it for $30,000+. No one else online is teaching these strategies and you can make a lot of money following his methods. Click on the picture below to check out the best affiliate marketing training course online.

Affiliate marketing course

Although Charles has a very technical knowledge of search engine optimization he breaks down all the tricks and strategies he uses so anybody can easily follow. If you are interested in finding the best affiliate marketing course online then starting with Charles course will give you the best results.

FREE Bonuses When You Sign Up to ‘Building An Affiliate SEO Business’

Charles has created a couple of Ebook which will help a lot with making money online. These are FREE when you sign up to his affiliate marketing course.

Get Your Affiliate Site Ranked For Free!Affiliate Opportunity Charles Floate

This is one of the coolest things inside Charles course which literally blew me away. Charles business partner who has a well known SEO company is willing to rank your affiliate website for free if you are stuck with your rankings or just want to set up sites.

This is unheard of in internet marketing. Not many people would be willing to do this and getting it done by an expert in the industry is a great bonus.

They take a cut of the sales but it’s a great opportunity to make money you otherwise would be missing out on. This is ONLY available for students inside Charles course.

‘The Best SEO Strategy For WordPress’ – Value $39 (free for members)Wordpress optimization Ebook

This is full of information on how to speed up you sites load time and optimize it for the search engines. Page loading speed is a major ranking factor and Charles covers all his ninja techniques to get your speed very quick.

We tested the methods Charles uses and had one of our affiliate sites go from 6.5 second load time to 1.5 seconds!

‘Parasite SEO For 2016’ – Value $79 (free for members)


Parasite pages is a GREAT strategy to rank high in Google as you get instant

domain authority. People often get stuck after their initial rankings and can’t move their parasite page any higher in Google. Charles explains his strategy for 2016 to get your parasite page very high in the search engine results and how to keep it there.

Some Ninja Tactics Charles Teaches His Students

  • How to hide affiliate links from Google so they don’t effect your ranking
  • All the plugins and themes Charles uses
  • How to easily create content so people will stay on your page
  • What copy to use so people click your links and buy the products
  • How to ‘SILO’ your website and what pages to send links to
  • Resources section with SEO vendor where Charles shows who he buys links, content, hosting and white hat link services

This is the best affiliate marketing course on the internet because he shares his secrets that no one else wants you to know. The course is broken down into specific segments so you can learn all the steps involved with setting up your website, maximizing conversions and flipping the website for $10,000+ profit.

The Modules In ‘Building An Affiliate SEO Businesss’ Are Easy To Follow

  • Part 1 – The Theory
    • Charles shows the overall theroy behind these sites and how they can make a steady income
  • Part 2 – The Build
    • This is a step by step video which shows how to build a affiliate site from scratch including how to ‘silo’ the site and what content to add
  • Part 3 – Link Building
    • There are three different videos in this section where you will learn how to rank long term, moderately fast and very quickly. Each strategy has it’s benefits and can be used in different ways depending on the niche.
  • Part 4 – Maintenance and Growth
    • This section shows you how to keep posting content and links to increase ranking
  • Part 5 – Black to White
    • This is the section which sets Charles course apart from the rest. NO ONE else is teaching this.
  • Part 6 – The Flip
    • After your site is making $2,000-5,000 per month you can flip it for upwards of $30,000! People will bid on you site and because you have used all ‘white hat’ strategies you will get a lot of bidders.

As you can see everything you need to know about making a site from start to finish is included in the course.

The last section called ‘the flip’ is the best part about this course. It is a strategy where you won’t find anywhere else on the internet. Although flipping websites is fairly common not many people know how to rank with black hat techniques then turn it to white hat so the new owner won’t get penalized.

Doing the right thing by the new owner and not trying to scam someone is quite rare online these days and you can build a good reputation through these strategies.

More About Charles Floate

At only 18 years of age Charles is the creator of the biggest SEO mastermind group on Facebook. He is also the co-founder and owner of ‘Black Hat Affiliate SEO for BeginnersCommunity‘ where he teaches advanced SEO strategies and tricks he uses to rank his websites in Google.

Charles has been know to challenge big names in internet marketing such as Alex Becker. He often calls out Alex when things don’t seem right as usually wins any discussion.

Charles knows his stuff when it comes to ranking websites in Google. He is a former hacker who was arrested for hacking into the FBI and Home Office websites.

After that ordeal Charles turned his attention to SEO. Being able to rank any website in any niche has made Charles hundreds of thousands of dollars online.

He has just launched his affiliate course called ‘Building An Affiliate SEO Business


From Hacker To Online SEO Entrepreneur

Charles is featured on the BBC’s YouTube channel where he explains about how easy he hacked into the FBI’s website. He says in the video how he regrets hacking these sites as it is illegal and he felt the full force of the law. It’s a great way to see how much knowledge and experience Charles as he was doing this at the age of only 15. You can see the video below where he explains more about what happened.

Why Charles Is Your Best Choice For Affiliate Marketing Training

There are a lot of different affiliate marketing training courses available online. Some of them are good and others are terrible. If you are a beginner trying to make money online or a expert you will always need to learn more. We have tested a lot of these affiliate courses and know who offers the best information for you to become successful online.

It’s not easy making money online. If it were everyone would be doing it. How many people do you know who have a few websites that bring in thousands of dollars per month? Not many, if any.

Once an affiliate website is set up, ranking and getting traffic you can make money on auto pilot. Because the rewards are so great there are a lot of people who will get you into their course and you will find their promises of making money online is not as easy as they made it out to be.

The first thing you need to know is making money online is not easy. Having someone showing you exactly what to do is a big advantage over your competition.

Google is a very sophisticated search engine which you need to understand. With all the Google algorithm changes you need to have an excellent knowledge of how to set up and rank a website. Once you understand how to get your site ranking high in Google you will get people to you website and clicking on your links.

You can promote a lot of different things and earn a commission as they have come through your link.

Luckily one of the top SEO’s in the world has started teaching how he makes tens of thousands of dollars per month through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Affiliate marketing is the best way to begin your journey making money online. You are your own boss and don’t have to deal with deadlines or fussy clients. When you sleep at night your website can be raking in hundreds of dollars and it’s the best feeling in the world to wake up to money which you made in your sleep.

Because the rewards are so great there are a lot of ‘experts’ that have their own affiliate marketing course and lure you in with fake income reports. These sound great when you really want to be successful online but they can be a complete waste of time and money.

Show me the money

The best advice we have is to do your research and make sure the person teaching you is an expert who can lead you where you want to go. Don’t trust a sales page. They can easily be made to look like the developer is making more money than they really are. Look and see what the wider online community is saying about that person.

It can be really hard finding a good affiliate marketing course when your trying to make money online. You can spend thousands of dollars trying different courses to find that they don’t deliver what is promised in the sales pitch.

My journey started out exactly like that. I purchased course after course and looking back all the information was what worked a few years ago. I paid a lot of money for tools which were outdated and had little effect on my ranking. After trying and failing many times I finally found Charles Floate who really knows his stuff and got my sites ranking and making money.

Some Great Resources for learning SEO

Source University is a great affiliate marketing course for beginners. They also have a lot of information about getting and ranking clients. We decided to stay away from client SEO as although the money is good your essentially working for someone else. Clients can have unrealistic expectations and don’t fully understand SEO and what it takes to get good rankings which can be stressful and time consuming.

Alex Becker is the creator of Source Wave and now Source Market. Source Market is an outsourcing website like Fiverr but has a lot better gigs for SEO.

Website like FiverrAlex is an internet marketing genius who has created a software company to make SEO easy. He is constantly creating new products and promoting them to his followers. The price of Source Market is around $50/month.

Source University is a great place to understand Google and what you need to do to rank. After a few months in Source University we had a very good understanding of SEO but need some more advanced training.

Alex heavily promotes OMG Machines run by Kotton Grammer, Mike Long and a few other SEO experts. This is very high level black belt SEO training but comes with a price tag of around $8,000.

Source University was great to network with other SEO’s. After adding a few new friends on Facebook we came across Charles group called ‘The Proper PBN Group’.

The level of knowledge in this group is very advanced for anybody doing online marketing. There are a lot of experts in this group who can quickly answer any question regarding online marketing. Always be careful when people try to help you out in these groups. There are several experts who usually answer questions and are very knowledgeable. Charles usually chips in with answers and shows he is one of the most knowledgeable SEO’s in the world.

Getting access to all of Charles resources has truly change the way we rank websites in Google. It has become a lot easier to find a good niche with the keyword research section of Charles affiliate course.

Using the silo strategies that no one else is using we can set up a website very quickly. The link building section covers 3 different types of ranking strategies. If you want to use his technique for fast rankings he shows you how he does it. This is very effective for quick ranking but if you have a more long term strategy there is a video on how to naturally rank your site in Google.

Another thing we like about Charles course is the price tag. There is a one off fee of $499. This is for life so there are no monthly payments to be made. His course is updated every week so you know you have the freshest content online. Charles seem to always be 1 step ahead of any Google algorithm change so he is constantly updating his course.