Basic SEO

There are a lot of factors Google looks at in their ranking algorithm. Here are some important things to consider to increase your ranking:

  1. Trust – Google wants to know your site is trustworthy and you not trying to game the system. You can gain trust by:
    • having multiple social accounts and getting likes, shares, tweets, pins etc..
    • having trustworthy links pointing to your site
    • making sure your site speed is great
    • making sure you have a a dedicated I.P. address for the site
  2. Content – Make sure you have great shareable, engaging content. This is a very important factor Google as visitors will stay on your site longer and share your content. Include videos, pictures and info-graphics to engage the user. Make sure you have long posts/pages. You want to aim for 1000+ words for each page to make sure your content isn’t thin. Don’t keyword stuff into your page.
  3. Links – Getting niche relevant links is very important for ranking. If you have other sites in your niche linking to your site then Google will reward you with higher rankings.
  4. Meta Data – Google reads the html of your site and wants to know exactly what’s going on. Add in meta data to posts/pages and when you upload photos add in a description about what’s in the photo in the ‘alt text’ section.
  5. Speed – A site that loads faster is better for user experience and will rank higher.
  6. Age – Don’t be too aggressive with link building on a new site. Google will know what’s going on and throw you in the sandbox. It can take months to get out and will be impossible to climb the rankings while sand boxed.

The first section of this page we will focus on the two types of  which are:

Local or Affiliate – Is it a business or affiliate site?

They are essentially the same except on local websites you need to make sure Google knows where you images, videos and content location is coming from. You do this by editing the meat data before uploading to your website or citations.


For local SEO it is very important you are consistent with your Name, Address and Phone number (NAP). When starting a local site you should build quality citations on site like Yellow Pages and Yelp. They have a very high domain authority and can rank easily. Build as many of these as you can as long as they are on quality sites. Make sure you fill out all the required information have a link back to your site. Upload optimized images using the information below.

Optimizing Images – Make them tiny

You can easily reduce the size of an image with these websites.Panda





This is very important to speed up your site as you don’t want large files downloading. Quickly put your images into one of these programs and save the reduced file size.

Then you need to add some meta data for Google. Simply right click on the image and scroll down to properties. Then once your inside properties you Funny-cat-pictures-onlinecan add some information about the picture. Fill out all the fields in the ‘Description’ section. Add in your keyword but don’t overdo it. Make it look natural. Use related keywords as well. The image on the right would be good for ranking ‘funny cat pictures’.

When uploading images to local websites you can add ‘geotagging’. This tells Google where the image was taken. This site is easy to follow. Upload the photo and zoom in on the area you want to rank for then download the photo.

Optimizing images can take time but is well worth it to have your site properly optimized.

Content – Quality and Engaging

Googles LOVES good content. Make it interesting, different and shareable. The more engagement you have from your audience the higher you will rank. You want people to stay on you site for as long as possible and ‘like’ or ‘share’ your posts on social media.

Content needs to be a minimum of 500 words. As long as your providing good information the longer the better. Don’t make posts too long if you are doing it to get your word count higher. Have images and video to make it more engaging.

For more information on content and ‘onpage SEO’ go to and download the free ebook. Yes you will have to enter your email but all his information is gold.

Social – Everyone loves me

The more social interest your site has the better. Although it is not essential you should have social media account on the following platforms:

Fill in all the information and add updates/pictures often. Follow niche specific people and connect with others. These links will be a great sign for Google. Don’t overdo the social. It may cause a flag to Google if your getting crazy social signals and zero traffic. Make it natural and drip fed.

SILO – Get that juice flowing

Having a good SILO set up on your website is great to get all that link juice flowing around your site. It also make it easier for visitor to navigate around your site. Setting up a SILO is fairly simple. We always use the Network Empire plugin as it saves a lot of time. We can usually set up a site in under 5 minutes using the simple-silo-plugin

Here’s a great example of a SILO found on

how to set up a silo pluginThe homepage links to the top pages and down throughout the posts. The juice will flow throughout the site so whenever you get a link to your site it transfer the juice resulting in an increase in ranking for every page/post. If you are trying to rank only one page then link all the pages/posts/homepage to that page.

Backlinks – The sweet juice you need to rank

There are many backlink sellers online. You need to be very careful where you buy links and the anchor text you use. The best advice for getting quality backlinks is DO NOT BUY BACKLINKS FROM FIVERR! I’ve spent months looking for quality backlinks on fiverr and finding good ones are not worth all the effort. Source Market is fine as most of the sellers have had good training how to set up PBN’s and where to place links i.e. on the homepage to maximize the juice.

A great blog with a free video series about tiered link building is

Anchor Text

This is something you need to be very careful about. Over-optimized anchor text will get you a big SLAP from Google and a possible penalty. Mix up you anchor text and use your best sites or links with exact match anchor. A ratio of 5-10% is usually best for exact match anchor.


This is where you can smash your competition as your creating a network of niche relevant websites which all link to yours. Never use the same anchor text on your PBN’s linking to your site. For more information on starting a PBN network check out

The great thing about PBN’s is you can control your network of links and anchor text ratios.

MAKE SURE you are using an ip address changing/hiding program like:

Google will be all over your lame attempt to fool them if you don’t use these services or something similar.

Parasite Pages – Getting domain authority for free

There are a lot of websites where you can set up a page for free. These are called parasite pages and allow you to use their authority to rank easier in Google. For example, Facebook being one of the most popular websites on the internet has a domain authority of 100. If you create a page on facebook like you get the domain authority of 100 and page authority 1. You can increase the page authority with spammy links or a GSA blast as most of the bad link juice gets filtered in the huge domain authority. A good recipe with a parasite page is:

  • Get an exact match domain e.g.
  • Have at least 1000 words of good content. Around 2,000 words would be better
  • Add social signals
  • Give it a GSA blast with url links as anchor text. Vary the domain url with as many variations as possible
  • Add some sape links. Depending on the competition keep adding until you are ranking well

That should be enough to juice up your parasite page. If you need more links use PBN’s or link sellers on Fiverr or Source Market.

Gameplan – Let’s get this baby ranking!

Here is a simple outline for a new website:

  • Week 1 – Choose domain name and install wordpress
    • Add at least 9 pages of quality content 500+ words with an image and/or optimized video on each page
    • Silo your pages
    • Start drip feeding social signals
    • If ranking local add 20+ quality citations
  • Week 2 – Add brand name or URL foundation links
    • Use only your website name e.g. or ‘my site’ as anchor text
    • Link only to homepage
  • Week 3 – More links
    • Start linking to inner pages
  • Week 4 – More links
    • Build a PBN network and link to inner pages
    • Add social signals to your PBNs
  • Rinse and repeat

*Make sure all links are made at random times to make it look more natural.