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If you planning on ranking in 2016 PBNHQ is going to take your PBN game to the next level. You can buy PBN domains easily in their market place. PBNHQ is the ultimate marketplace for expired domains as they have 1000’s of PBN’s in every niche. The cool thing is you can see all the metrics before you buy.

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Get a 10% discount when you buy 6 domains and 20% when you purchase 10!

You can sort the domains by niche which is a great way to buy PBN domains. Your time is very valuable when trying to make money online and this can free you up to work on more important things.

Check out the video to see how easy it is to create an epic private blog network..

As you can see in our ‘Ultimate Guide To Source Market‘ ebook we know a thing or two about dealing with PBN sellers. That ebook took months to create as we were going back and forth with sellers delivering terrible domains. We wasted A LOT of time searching for a decent PBN seller.

Why is PBNHQ the best place to buy PBN domains?

Once you see inside PBNHQ it’s not hard to see why we recommend them. It’s not just the 1000’s of domains they have to choose from but also all the metrics that come with them. Sorting through these domains is easy with the menu at the top where you can select from all the relevant fields.

Buy PBN domains

As you can see in the picture you can select domains from the following metrics:

  • Trust Flow
  • Citation Flow
  • Domain Austhority
  • Page Authority
  • Referring Domains
  • Languages
  • Topics
  • Archive Categories
  • Archive Date
  • Price

The prices are very reasonable and range from $10-$20. You won’t pay any more than $20.

The problem with domain brokers

Not all domain brokers are bad. But it’s hard finding a decent one that delivers exactly what you want. You can easily throw your money away testing different sellers on outsourcing sites and Facebook.These are not places we would recommend to buy PBN’s.

The problem is they have limited stock and will try to push domains at you to get rid of them.

Another issue is their understanding of a decent domain. If you search through the domains some sellers post on Google docs via Facebook you will see domains with 4 or 5 referring domains. These are crap! A good PBN domain needs quality backlinks pointing at it. That’s where the juice is at.

Too many people are just looking for high Trust Flow (TF) domains. While TF looks like a great metric to consider when buying a domain it’s been created by Majestic not Google.

Gregory Ortiz has a solid minimum metric system to go by before buying any PBN. You can find Gregory’s PBN gigs at He has the following requirements:

  • Trust Flow 15+
  • Domain Authority 10+
  • Referring Domains 10+
  • Citation Flow and Trust Flow closely related

Use this formula before buying another PBN and you will get much better results.

Are you testing?

The truth is you never know how good any PBN is unless you test. Matt Diggity is one of the best SEO’s in the world. He spends all of his time testing new strategies and seeing what works. He also one of the largest private blog networks in the world.

Check out his latest article on how to test your PBN’s.