Sites Like Fiverr For 2017 | Top 8 Fiverr Alternatives

Congratulations on moving away from low quality Fiverr gigs and looking for quality freelancers. Below is a list of the top Fiverr competitors which are much easier to get quality results from. If you’re looking for to start a web site we have an affordable web design service here.

We recommend the following sites

The best oursourcing websites online  
#1 99DesignsBest site for quality logos and web design
#2 SEO ClerksGreat for SEO, social media followers and YouTube views
#3 GigBuysCheap logos, graphic and web deisgn
#4 Konker (Source Market)Good for backlinks, press release and social signals
#5 MicroworkersSmall quick tasks
#6 GigbucksDigital marketing for cheap
#7 FourerrAnything like Fiverr but less quality
#8 TaskarmyAn army of internet marketers
#9 TenbuxCheck it out for some ok deals

Buy Directly From Trusted Sellers

Instead of searching for websites like Fiverr to outsource you work we recommend going to trusted sites who specialize in producing the work you need done. Here is a list of the top recommended places to find quality work for a reasonable price. Click on any of the pictures below to go directly to their website. The quality is MUCH better than any sellers on Fiverr.


The highest quality freelancers are on 99Designs. They can produce anything you need and work off a competition style so you literally get 100s of designers providing samples of your request and you get to choose the best one.

You are paying for quality on 99designs. There aren’t any sellers from Fiverr there for a good reason. These are professional website, logo and graphic designers.

When we are working on a quality website and need exceptional work done with a variety of examples to choose from 99Designs is our best solution.

Logo Garden

Logo Garden is a free tool you can use to create your own logo. They also have tutorials to walk you through the whole process It’s fairly simple to use but if you need a logo fast they can create really great ones for $39.99.

They have designed over 2 million logos for customers and always produce great designs. Check them out if your searching for logo design.



Guest Post Link Building

If your looking for a link building service with reasonable prices on real sites check out Outreach Kings.

This service provides high quality link placement on sites with real traffic and great metrics. We really hope you don’t buy links from sites like Fiverr as they can do more harm than good in 2017.

Outreach Kings have great prices when you buy in bulk. The most you will pay for a link is $50 which is exceptional value. You will be amazed with the quality of websites they put your link on.


Content Writing Service

If you need great content then PBN Butler has you covered. You can choose from 3 different levels of content quality which makes it a great choice depending on your budget.

The top writers are university qualified and have experience with writing for SEO and search engines.

Prices are as low as $4.50 for 500 words but we recommend buying the ‘professional’ or ‘expert’ content.

Social Signals

PBN Butler is by far the best website to get social signals. These signals don’t drop overtime and are a great way to gain trust in the eyes of Google.

They have various packages to choose from and great discounts when you buy in bulk. It’s no wonder the top SEO’s in the world consistently recommend PBN Butler.


Web Design – click here for our affordable web design service

We offer a industry leading we design service for small business or projects. We would love to hear about your web design needs and have packages to cater for any request.

Our prices are very affordable but we don’t compromise on quality. We have a talented team of designers who are experts in creating stunning websites.

We also offer a FREE 30 minute consultation to learn about your company and how we can best design your site.


Please let us know which services you need help with

Comment at the bottom of this page if you want services that aren’t on this list.

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Top 9 Places to Outsource Online For 2017

Here is a complete list of alternatives to Fiverr. When you are outsourcing be very careful to read feedback and make sure the sellers have a positive rating. If you have time send each seller a quick message as they can answer any questions. You can also get a good indication of their professionalism and response time.

#1 99Designs – better than Fiverr for quality logos and web design

99 Designs homespage

99designs is a very clean easy to use freelancing site where you can get almost anything made. The price is higher but the quality is exceptional.

After we finished testing all of the outsourcing websites below we found that 99designs were the best option to get great quality. The competition style set up is simply awesome. You don’t have to pay a cent before seeing what people have to offer. Over the past few years we had a lot of cheap nasty logos and web designiers from Fiverr which failed to deliver anything decent.

It’s always a headache when you have to send a logo or design back to the developer to get redone and you can tell the quality isn’t very good to start with. Spending the extra money to get it done right and being able to choose from various designs has saved us a lot of time.

There are so many options when you are running a competition and it’s a very simple process. You can select how many freelancers you want to design your product and how much your willing to pay.

#2 SEO Clerks – great for SEO, social media followers and YouTube views

Fiverr Alternative SEO Clerks is one of the top Fiverr alternatives. The layout of this site is very good. You can see all customer feedback and buyer comments. This helps choosing which seller you like as you can easily see what others think.

There is also a section called ‘want to trade’ where you can trade a service with someone else. This is a very unique feature as it could be good way to save money. Another great feature of this site is the ‘software’ section. There are some great deals in there and if you are looking to buy things such as link indexing tools, plugins for wordpress or PHP scripts you can find them there.

Not many outsourcing sites offer these types of services so that’s a big plus for SEO Clerks. Although we do like using SEO Clerks we have found it can be similar to Fiverr as there are a lot of sellers and sometimes quality can be poor. Always use caution and thoroughly check sellers feedback. If feedback isn’t good look for alternatives and use other sellers.

#3 GigBuys – cheap logos, graphic and web deisgn


is a great crowdsourcing marketplace allowing freelance workers to post micro jobs from as little as 99c. What makes GigBuys a fantastic Fiverr alternative is that the site is run purely for members so the business takes no commissions or royalties. A totally 100% free marketplace that doesn’t charge any fees to sellers or buyers.

GigBuys also promotes an affiliate program which allows for an extra 5% to be made from each purchased Gig for each member you bring on board which is great and just another source of revenue. This makes it one of the better Fiverr alternatives as you can make money from their referral program.

The marketplace offers to outsource work for pretty much anything including logo design, SEO, website design, virtual assistants, video whiteboards and everything else you can expect from a micro job site. GigBuys even features an eBook category which is a new idea brought forward into this space. With new users registering daily and a variety of job listings, GigBuys is definitely your go-to micro job site.

#4 Source Market (KonKer) – good for backlinks, press release and social signals

Website like Fiverr Source Market is created by Alex Becker and is the ultimate place to go for SEO outsourcing. Most of the sellers on Source Market have been trained by Alex Becker, Gregory Ortiz and Stephen Floyd. These three experts each make over $100,000/month from SEO and online marketing.

Alex is also the creator of the best plugin for website traffic called ‘the workhorse plugin’. Alex encourages his students to create gigs they specialize in like, selling backlinks, social signals, content creation, PBN domains and set up, keyword research YouTube SEO and site creation. Quality is what sets Source Market apart from most other outsourcing websites.

Other outsourcing sites have too many sellers and they are in it for a quick buck. We have tested a lot of the gigs on Source Market and have had excellent results in the Google rankings. Some of the domain authority stacking gigs are very technical and would take weeks for most people to compete.

For around $50 you can get it all done for you in just a couple of days. There is no fee to buy or sell services on Source Market. There is affiliate commission paid out to people who actively promote their own or others gigs. A lot of other alternatives do not have an affiliate program.

#5 Microworkers – one of the best websites like Fiverr

Microworkers Homepage

Microworkers Homepage

Microworkers is not like the other sites in this list. You don’t buy gigs there. People post their profile and so you can see exactly what their skills are. You can either search through all the candidates and see what they offer or post a description of what you want done.

After you post you ad people will apply for the job and you can interview them and choose the best one. Microworkers can be a lot cheaper for jobs like web design or data entry. People post their hourly fee and you can negotiate the price. Most prices are cheaper than buying individual gigs and if you like a seller you can hire them as a full time virtual assistant.

Often you can charge a monthly fee and have them work for you each day on different tasks. It can work out a lot cheaper than buying gigs for each task. Some worker will work for as little as $3hr but don’t expect too much when your paying peanuts. Always be clear about what you need done and if they don’t deliver exactly what you want move on and try someone else. There are over 700,000 workers on this website so finding someone to do exactly what you need isn’t too hard.

#6 Gigbucks – great Fiverr alternative

Another website similar to Fiverr Gigbucks is one of the best gig websites where you can hire freelancers through buying their gigs. Gig prices range from $5 to $50. They have a variety of categories which cover most areas of online marketing. The price range does have some limitations as the most you can charge is $50.

The site is well presented as you can see a sellers feedback and ratings. You can also sort services by date, popularity, rating, price and verified accounts. We especially like the fact that they have verified accounts as it adds a element of trust. It doesn’t take long to make your account verified but it is something we look for when buying gigs there.

#7 Fourerr – anything like Fiverr but less quality

Fourerr sites like Fiverr To be honest we wouldn’t spend less than $5 on a gig. After years of experimenting we have found paying a bit more will get you much better results in the long run. This doesn’t mean the higher the price the better the quality.

There are some sellers who charge a big fee to make their gig look like it’s quality but really under deliver. Although there are some decent sellers on Fourerr we wouldn’t recommend it when outsourcing. You will get much better results from Source Market, SEO Clerks or Microworkers.

#8 Taskarmy – great Fiverr alternative

Task Army website Task army is another good Fiverr alternative. You will only receive 80% of the sale as the rest is commission for Task Army. The good thing about this site is each gig is manually approved. The services on Task Army are more towards web design, copy writing and internet marketing.

They also have a range of virtual assistants to help with anything you need. Overall it’s a good site where you should be able to find the services you require. You can see seller feedback which makes it easier to decide on a seller. If you are looking for SEO experts this is probably not the place to go.

As we have mentioned before a lot of the techniques these sellers use are outdated and can essentially hurt your site.

#9 Tenbux – wide variety of outsourcing task

Tenbux is like Fiverr Tenbux is the final website we reviewed. It is another website playing off the Fiverr name. This is a marketplace where you create gigs and the most you can sell them for is $20. We found this site to be somewhat limiting with the prices. As it is ranked #7 in out list it’s probably not the place to outsource online work. There are plenty of gigs for sale on this website but the quality once again is letting it down. Don’t be fooled when sellers off a lot as they usually deliver little.

Why do you need Fiverr alternatives?

There are a lot of Fiverr clone sites that do the same thing. Due to the massive size and quantity of sellers on Fiverr it’s much harder to find quality sellers to get the best bang for your buck. You can spend weeks testing and trying different gigs and you end up losing a lot of money weeding out the low quality sellers (like we did!).

Fiverr also has a fee which they charge you for every purchase. Although we don’t mind paying the fee as it is only 50c per purchase it does add up. If you are selling a service on Fiverr they take a massive 20% of your income! For this reason a lot of sellers are going elsewhere so they can get full payment.

Why you should outsource you work elsewhere

Due to the rapid expansion and current size of Fiverr there is a lot of competition in the marketplace. This is not necessarily a good thing. Prices are so competitive it creates a lot of false advertising on sales pages. People want you to think you are getting an amazing deal but they have to exaggerate the final product to get you purchase.

Let’s take some of the web design gigs for example. A lot of sellers claim they can create an AMAZING website for only $5. This is simply not true as it takes hours to make a website which looks great and is functional. Sure, some sellers are from countries where $5 is a lot of money but when you expect a great finished product for only $5 it often is not what you expect. There are A LOT of search engine optimization gigs on Fiverr.

Before Google updated it’s algorithm to be as sophisticated as it is now you could get great results from some of the ‘SEO experts’. Now days this is simply not the case. A lot of the methods used are outdated and can REALLY harm your site. People are trying so hard to sell their service and act like experts when the reality is they are 5 years behind and just want to make a sale.

We created this list of Fiverr alternatives for people who want to get better quality and better results when hiring staff. Sometimes you have to pay a bit more for services but they quality is MUCH better. The goal with outsourcing is to find someone who has a cheap price but delivers exceptional work.

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