KonKer SEO by Alex Becker – The ultimate site for outsourcing?

Konker by Alex Becker is the latest outsourcing market place. Click here to see the top rated gigs on Konker.

You can find anything for internet marketing or search engine optimization. The prices are reasonable and the quality is a lot better than websites like Fiverr.

The best gigs to buy are for SEO. Most of the sellers here have been through Alex’s Source University where they have been trained by experts like Gregory Ortiz and Stephen Floyd. These guys are some of the top SEO’s in the world and offer unbeatable value for anyone who is new to SEO.

The only site online which would be better than KonKer for graphic design is 99designs. The price is higher but the quality can’t be beaten. See the best outsourcing website online here.

How to make money with KonKer

When you sign up for KonKer you will be shown how to make money selling services. It’s a fairly simple way to make money online as if you have a skill in a specific area you can sell your service to others.

A easy way to make money with Konker would be to buy some expired domains with good quality links and metrics and set them up as PBN’s. Once they are live you can sell links to people in the marketplace.

If you have a skill in any other area you can set up a gig and sell your service to others.

Affiliate marketing

If you have a website with decent traffic you can promote gigs via your site. Add in your affiliate link and as people go through your your link you will get a commission straight to your Paypal account. Be careful not to spam your affiliate link everywhere as people will know you are only promoting this service for the commission.

You need to have a decent amount of traffic to your site to get any commissions. You get 15% of any purchase users make.

Who is Alex Becker?

Alex Becker is an internet marketing genius who has created a lot of different products primarily for SEO. He is now a multi millionaire and is constantly teaching and helping people to make money online. His YouTube channel is a great place to start if you want to learn SEO or make money online.

Konker Alex Becker

Interesting reading about Source Market – Now Konker

If you haven’t heard of Source Market yet your online world is about to change for the best. Click here to check out our Gigs That Work. The major difference between Source Market and other SEO freelance websites is quality. There are very few gigs on Source Market that don’t follow SEO best practices. Take backlinks for example. When you looking to get your link on another site you need to consider the following:

  • Context of the site – not just a site which has been themed to your niche but a site that started in your niche!
  • Homepage links – We want links on the homepage to get domain authority AND page authority
  • Trust Flow and Referring Domains – TF has become increasingly important in SEO and you need RD to juice up your links

Those are just a few things to consider when getting the best links to your site. We spent WEEKS looking for these types of links on Fiverr and although they do exist it’s MUCH harder to find them.

Our attempt to find the best backlinks for our niche:

It’s never an easy task finding niche relevant backlinks that tick all of Google’s search engine optimization best practices. There is no simple answer. All you can do is research and try to get the best link possible. A lot of the sites we looked at on Fiverr had random names like:

  • scienceface.eu
  • gdmhealth.com
  • wearechampionmag.com
  • motorhometrip.com
  • esthetic-beauty.info
  • azul-sf.com
  • shop4iphone.com

The list goes on but we will stop there. As you can see there is only one site that really looks like a beauty therapy website. After a quick review in Majestic it was obvious that we didn’t want our link anywhere near that site. None of the sellers we asked had sites which would benefit our $ site.

Give me a homepage link!

You need an alternative to Fiverr

In the video we reviewed a link on this site. As you can see your post will be on the homepage and the content will have ‘read more’. This eliminates any chance of getting page authority to your link as you don’t have any link on their homepage. Your post is placed on a new inner page which will have a PA of 1 and no links going to that page. It’s not ideal if you want to get the most link juice flowing to your site.

How do we know Konker is better?

We have been buying gigs on many of these websites for a very long time. As we understand how to rank in Google from A LOT of trail and error and of course training we know the difference between a crap gig and a quality one. Knowing what gigs to buy is one thing and the gig actually working is another. Outsourcing is supposed to save you time. You want the money you spend to give results better than you could have achieved if you did it yourself. There isn’t a single SEO who doesn’t outsource something.

As soon as you go onto market.sourcewave you can see the quality of the services being provided. The prices are sometimes higher than Fiverr but the people delivering the service are much better at what they do. alternative to fiverr

A lot of the SEO’s have had extensive training from Source University and some from OMG. This alone puts them above 90% of sellers on Fiverr as they know their stuff. Although Source University is a very basic introduction to SEO and their are a lot of beginners there it has a couple of the best coaches in the SEO world. Gregory Ortiz who focuses on affiliate and Stephen Floyd who is a local guru. Because they share tactics and strategies to rank people create gigs around those strategies and sell them to make some extra cash.

The main categories of gigs you can buy are:

  • Marketing

    • Web Analytics
    • Domain Research
    • SEO
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Web Traffic
    • Video Advertising
    • Content Marketing
    • Marketing Strategy
  • Graphic and Design

    • Backlinks
    • Social Signals
    • Content Creation
    • PBN Links
    • Expired Domains
    • PBN Creation
    • Keyword Research
    • Youtube SEO
    • Site Creation
    • Buy Domains
    • Site Optimization
  • SEO

    • Backlinks
    • Social Signals
    • Content Creation
    • PBN Links
    • Expired Domains
    • PBN Creation
    • Keyword Research
    • Youtube SEO
    • Site Creation
    • Buy Domains
    • Site Optimization
  • Programming and tech

    • WordPress
    • Web Programming
    • Mobile Apps & Web
    • Website Builders & CMS
    • Convert Files
    • Ecommerce
    • User Testing
    • Databases
    • Desktop Applications
    • Data Analysis & Reports
    • Support & IT
  • Audio

    • Mixing & Mastering
    • Jingles & Drops
    • Voice-Overs
    • Sound Effects
    • Session Musicians
    • Producers & Composers
    • Singers & Songwriters
  • Video

    • Whiteboard & Explainer Videos
    • Spokespersons & Testimonials
    • Intros & Animated Logos
    • Promotional & Brand Videos
    • Lyric & Music Videos
    • Editing & Post Production
    • Video Greetings
    • Animated Characters & Modeling

What makes KonKer so good?

As this is a new site from Alex there have been a few bugs to fix. Through the KonKer Facebook page you can post any issues you have with the site and they will be addressed quickly. Most other sites like Fiverr don’t have such a responsive support team that you will find on this site.

Alex understands marketing and knows that the site will need to be maintained and made to flow smoothly so bugs or bad sellers aren’t too much of an issue.

Formerly Source Market now KonKer SEO offers a variety of gigs with a lot of updates.