Top 5 Gigs for Expired Domains

Finding experts who can provide expired domains can somehow be difficult. There can be countless so-called experts offering to help you but there are only few who can legitimately deliver. This is the main reason why we created this specific page.


One of the highly recommended platforms where you can find legit gigs from experts on providing expired domains is Konker. The platform is the home of some SEO experts who have been helping various website owners from various niches improve their online ranking.


Having these in mind, we have created a list of some of the gigs we tried specifically for expired domains. I’d like to give you a shortlist of those highly rated and recommended. Check out the list below to get started:


Top Gigs on Expired Domains


Seller: ExpiredDomains


Gig Description: Expired Domains – 16 Years Experience – Get on Page 1 of Google Today – Relevant


Price: $33


Check them out: ExpiredDomains


Verdict: Not only was amazed at the rating of this gig but also with how fast the turnaround was. I will agree with everyone who tried this gig, as the communication was amazing and actually exceeded what I was expecting. Kudos for the seller for making me understand more of what I was doing wrong and what can help rank my site.




Seller: Kingsley


Gig Description: (DISCOUNT) $8 HIGH-QUALITY PBN Expired Domain [24-Hour Delivery]


Price: $8


Check them out: Kingsley


Verdict: Service was great when I tried this gig from Kingsley. They provided great domains with impressive metrics. I was glad that I didn’t have to wait for days as the turnaround was completed within a span of 24 hours. He knows what he is doing and talking about, and that impressed me easy for me to get to know whether the results are really delivered as promised.




Seller: QMaker


Gig Description: PBN Domain Jackpot *** ONLY FOR $7 *** [BEST SOURCE OF STRONG EXPIRED DOMAINS]


Price: $7


Check them out: Qmaker


Verdict: This seller is also one of the best you can find Konker. They provided spam-free domains, which is important on my part. I like how they actually deliver safe and ranking domains that will definitely help me climb in search results. Domains are all winner, so, you might want to check them out as well.




Seller: AllstairHunt


Gig Description: Insanely High Metric |NICHE| EXPIRED PBN DOMAINS!


Price: $19


Check them out: AllstairHunt


Verdict: They delivered an impressive job just as I was expecting. Domains were great and I like how the metrics showed that the TF was higher. Just like what most people are saying, this seller has always been great and I’m happy that I tried it.




Seller: Catherine


Gig Description: *Expert* in Powerful Expired Domains $5.00// Catherine Quality 5 ! SELLER


Price: $5


Check them out: Catherine


Verdict: So far, this one gave a great service. I’m happy that they communicate well and I feel like they’re striving to deliver what they promised. They provided decent domains. Overall, this Konker gig is worth trying for its price.

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You can try any of the gigs we’ve included in the list or you can also visit Konker for more. The above mentioned are some of the best I highly recommend. To get updates on the latest gigs for this category, make it a point to check this page again anytime soon. We’ll be more than happy to provide you with an updated list.