Workhorse Plugin By Alex Becker – NOW FREE! – Find out why here

Charles Floate posted a review video of the Workhorse plugin on Facebook and it’s potential flaws. He pointed out A LOT of issues in the hype sales video which suggested it wouldn’t be a very good investment. There was a lot of activity on this post and people were starting to question if the plugin would work or not.

A few hours later Alex Becker announced that the Workhorse plugin would be FREE for everyone to use. Coincidence or not there are a lot of questions about if this plugin will work like it was hyped up to.

If you want to make money online we suggest not buying into hyped up products which offer to make money with one click of a button. There are a billion of them available to buy online and they all suck.

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Read below for more information on this awesome WordPress plugin which is going to make bank for anyone who uses it.

The workhorse plugin by Alex Becker is the latest traffic generating plugin designed to get 1,000s of people to your website by filling out simple information about your keywords and clicking ‘go’. This plugin is the latest tool in a growing arsenal of internet marketing products by Alex.

The results Alex has been getting with this plug in are amazing. And it’s no surprise since he has one of the best internet marketers on the planet in Yashar Ghaffarloo working behind the scenes.

We decided to give a unbiased work horse plugin review to give you an idea of how it works and if it works.

How does the Workhorse plugin make you money?

Yashar shows in the video below a quick overview of how he got over 300 visitors per day to his website using the plugin and spent about 10minutes setting up the website. In only 5 days he made $280! Check out the workhorse review video to see the proof.

This plugin is an all in one ranking system. You don’t have to do a lot of work to get everything set up and driving traffic to your website. Making money online takes a lot of time and this plugin does all the time consuming tasks for you.

In the demo video below Becker creates a simple WordPress site which took about 15minutes and in 10 days has around 4,000 visitors per day. Before you claim this is bullshit take a look at how the plugin works.

The Work horse plug in can create 10,000-50,000+ pages of unique optimized content which is where all the traffic is coming from. Because there are so many pages optimized for long tail keywords there is a lot of highly ranked pages in Google.

Let’s take a look at some of the best features

Workhorse plugin review

Thousands of unique pages with the click of a button

Similar to Alex’s source flood plugin this plugin creates thousands of pages in an instant targeting long tail keywords. This is the next level compared to source flood as it does all the time consuming tasks listed below. We found flooding a site with 100s of pages was great but going in and editing each page and optimizing them took a lot of time.

Unique content creation

Creating unique content can be a pain in the ass. You don’t have to worry about buying, writing or spinning content as the unique content generator takes care of all that. Content is scraped and put on each page automatically so you can save time and money.

Target town, city, state and country instantly

You can easily target your local area, city, state and country in an instant by entering those areas into the required fields. Pages are created to target these areas and are fully optimized to get instant rankings.

Total local optimization

Another time consuming job you don’t have to worry about is optimizing all the different pages workhorse creates. All the small things like alt tags, image optimization and video embedding are taken care of.

Full Schema Markup

One of the coolest things about this plugin is the schema markup for each page. This means when visitors see your page in the Google results they will see 5 stars under the page which helps with click through rate.

Who is this whiz kid SEO mastermind?Yashar Ghaffarloo Workhorse Programmer

If you haven’t heard of Yashar check out his new Facebook group ‘Yashar’s SEO Mastermind‘ which now has over 2,000 members in under a couple of months. He is also well know for his hidden link method where you can add a comment link without the website owner knowing you have placed a link in your comment (genius!).

At only 15 years young Yashar is one of the most knowledgeable internet marketing experts you will ever come across. Having him develop the work horse plug in is a very smart move from Alex Becker. He’s is constantly explaining advanced SEO strategies most people have no idea about.  He drops SEO knowledge bombs all over the various groups he is a part of on Facebook. Follow him closely as he has a very bright future ahead of him.


Our advice if your thinking about getting this wordpress plugin

You can outsource on KonKer all of the workhorse set up as there aren’t a lot of training videos.

If you like making money online and use SEO with WordPress this plugin can really elevate your income. There will be a a lot of workhorse plugin reviews from internet marketers promoting Alex Beckers product. We think that waiting for these reviews will result in a loss of income because once you have the plugin you can create as many sites as you want and install it without having to pay for each time you use it.

Once it starts making you money you can then buy more domains and scale your online income. Don’t wait to get this latest product from Alex Becker. Purchase it when it comes on on June 27th and see the same results Yashar is getting for yourself.